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Chapter Director

    Robert and Gail Brown
    7583 Old Springville Rd
    Trussville, Alabama  35173
    Robert Cell:  205-948-8991
    Gail Cell:  205-504-5601
    Email: Robert Brown[08t itan ium* gmai l:com]
    Email: Gail Brown[gai l284 61*g mail :com] 

Asst-Chapter Director


Chapter Rider Educator

    Claxton and Jan Love
    2140 Wallstown RD
    Hayden, Alabama 35079
    Home:  205-647-1418
    Cell:  205-516-4887
    Email: Claxton Love[cjp 205* outl ook: com]

Membership Enhancement Coordinators

    Roy & Janet Fraser
    1026 Saddlecreek Pkway
    Birmingham, Alabama  35232
    Cell:  205-222-0140
    Email: Roy Fraser[rfr aser *win dstr eam:net]


    Sarah Keeton
    2008 Elkwood Drive
    Fultondale, AL 35068
    Cell:  205-999-6559
    Email: Sarah Keeton[ske eton *ema il:com]

Publisher Web/Newsletter

    Harry & Sara Leach
    PO Box 797
    Trussville, Alabama  35173
    Home:  205-661-6737
    Cell:  205-790-3816
    Email: Harry Leach[hle ach* cent uryt el:net]
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